Over the course of the next six weeks we are exploring what are the key values we have discerned as a church and why they matter. Each week a sermon will look at the key ideas and we are hoping to produce a blog each week that helps to explore the ideas further.

Throughout the last half of 2021 the PCC and elders in the church got together and sought to discern what are the core values of the church here in Old Felixstowe at this time. This was done over a period of time and involved much prayer and discussion.

What are values and why do they matter?
The Cambridge English Dictionary defines values as “The principles that help you decide what is right and wrong, and how to act in various situations.”
Each one of us has values – these impact on how we behave and the decisions we make. I wonder if you could name your core values?
Organisations also have values that influence their decisions. For example, compare British Airways and Ryan Air. We know that both organisations are air lines and aim to fly you to different destinations, but you are probably aware that they have different ways of operating. This difference in how they operate is impacted by their values – British Airways may be characterised as about luxury and service, whereas Ryan Air is known for cost and efficiency. How they act is influenced by their values.
As followers of Jesus our values should be influenced by Him, His teaching and His life – and so therefore should our behaviour. In Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, Paul explains all we have received in Christ and moves to challenge his readers to see that their lives, behaviours and values should be transformed. (Romans 8:1-8)
For Paul belief impacts on behaviour and that is true for us today. It’s no good having all the correct knowledge if it doesn’t impact on the decisions we make and the actions we carry out. Our beliefs impacts our values which influence our behaviour.

What are our key values?
As a PCC and elders we discerned the following five key values and over the next five weeks we will be taking some time to explore them:

These aren’t the only values we hold – others are there too – but we feel that at this time these are central as we pray and seek the way forward to live, show and tell of God’s love. Some of them may be more evident in how we function than others – some maybe more aspirational – but we believe they are important and that the matter.

Please do be in touch with your thoughts and insights as we prayerfully explore these ideas.

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