I wonder where you stand on the handling a present or not. You know some people they pick up the gift – give it a good squeeze or a shake – or are you the sort of person who likes to look and guess what is inside – do you wrap up presents to make them look like something else – to throw the recipient into thinking they have received something else to make the surprise extra special.

I wonder though whether by my age it’s hard to do because its either slippers, a book or after shave.

When I was younger – being the youngest of four – there was always the thought that who had the largest present pile – it was always me and it gave a sense of joy to my young self – looking from the outside we compared the gifts but it was only when it was opened we could get the real sense of what we had.

Presents though are not designed to stay wrapped up – however beautifully wrapped up they are – their purpose is to be opened and enjoyed

I wonder that as we experience all that Christmas has this year in a different way this year whether this is an opportunity to get beyond the wrapping that comes around Christmas.

As Christians we often fall into that trap – all the trappings, the tree, the carols, the mince wine, the crib services – often they can take our attention away from what it is that is at the heart of the message of Christmas. You know Christmas hats, awful jumpers and children with tea towels on their and tinsel halos are wonderful and boy do I miss them but can they get in the way?

Please don’t stop reading now and think Chris doesn’t love all the Christmas brings and hopefully will again next year – I will be first in the queue to make sure we can do these things again – I’ll aim to make up for missing carol services by having more next year, I will wear a tea towels, tinsel as well as a Christmas jumper – I may even dress up as an angel.

But this year, when all is stripped away from how we do Christmas in church my prayer is that it may give us an opportunity to reflect on the astonishing world changing events that don’t need wrapping up to be amazing – God chose to come and be with us as a baby– Emmanuel – to show how much He loves us – to help us be right with Him. All the wrapping in the world couldn’t make this news any more amazing – Merry Christmas

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